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APO to develop toolkit for public sector performance management

5 Dec 2016

In its bid to strengthen the citizen services delivery in member countries, the APO is hosting a five-day workshop to develop a toolkit for designing and implementing performance management systems in the public sector. The workshop is being attended by 18 participants from 14 member countries.

The five-day workshop in Tokyo, 5–9 December 2016, aims to reexamine and reconfirm the direction of APO initiatives for public-sector productivity and its overall framework. The workshop will also focus on performance measurement including KPIs, management strategies, and methodologies. It is structured to enable participants get a better understanding of performance management in the complex setting of public organizations and their relationship.



It may be recalled that after a series of capacity-building and knowledge sharing projects started initiated by the APO in 2009, it had developed a Public-sector Productivity Framework and action plan in 2012 based on the deliberations at a Jakarta workshop. Following the introduction of the framework in 2013 and 2014, another series of projects aimed at improving public-sector productivity were initiated. This Workshop on Developing the APO Toolkit for Designing and Implementing Performance Management Systems in the Public Sector is a follow-up stemming from the framework with the objective of developing practical tools for performance-oriented public organizations.


The workshop is being conducted by international experts Dr. Lanita Winata, Professor at AFE Griffith University in Australia; Dr. Helen K Liu, Assistant Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Hong Kong; and Dr. Prajapati Trivedi, Senior Fellow (Governance) and Adjunct Professor of Public Policy at the Indian School of Business.


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