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APO workshop on innovative citizen-centered public services

9 Oct 2019

Digital innovations correlate with improved service delivery.

A new relationship has emerged between the public sector and citizens: services are now designed with citizens in mind and from their perspectives. Citizens in the digital age are IT-savvy customers who demand to be consulted as strategic co-partners when governments formulate policies and deliver public services. Digital innovations can meet that demand to enhance the delivery of numerous government services.

Recognizing the need to offer citizen-centered services based on digital innovations, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), in collaboration with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) is conducting a multicountry workshop on Working on Delivering Citizen-centered Public Service and Driving Innovation in Manila, 7–11 October 2019. Twenty-one international and local participants from 11 APO member countries are attending the experience-based workshop to explore ways to develop more customer-centric, innovative public sectors throughout the Asia-Pacific.

As National Economic and Development Authority Undersecretary and APO Director for the Philippines Dr. Adoracion Navarro succinctly explained at the opening ceremony, “The frustration of citizens with public services is largely a result of these programs not being built with them in mind and/or without consideration of the current trends of technology and innovation for more efficient, effective public service delivery. Citizens usually prefer government services that are modern, accessible, simple, and convenient.” In addition, citizens from member countries also want logical, commonsense services addressing their specific wants and needs. Dr. Navarro added that, ideally, “Citizens should co-design these government services and be involved from the planning, development, and implementation to the monitoring and evaluation of the services.” This will form the essence of citizen-centered governance in the future.

The workshop is also exploring the development of novel solutions using Blue Ocean Strategy methodology combined with digitally based innovations. Participants will therefore leave the workshop equipped with a range of knowledge, concepts, and practical tools to enhance public-sector competitiveness in their home countries.

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