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CPC hosts Green Productivity study mission for Vietnam

23 Oct 2023

The China Productivity Center (CPC) and APO Secretariat organized an individual-country observational study mission (IOSM) on Green Productivity (GP) for Circular Economy Development in Taipei, 28–30 August. The IOSM facilitated Vietnam’s GP promotion and training while offering solutions and support to enterprises. Vietnam has made notable progress toward sustainable green growth, actively contributing to addressing the global climate crisis. Initiatives such as the National Green Growth Strategy for 2021–30 with a vision for 2050, the National Strategy on Climate Change, and the COP26 commitment to achieve global net-zero emissions by 2050 highlight the country’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

Transitioning to a circular economy presents significant challenges for Vietnam, and the IOSM was designed to assist in this initiative. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the recycling industry, GP development, and successful green growth transition, the ROC offered invaluable lessons in achieving sustainable development. Additionally, the ROC has been hosting the APO Center of Excellence on GP since 2013. The study mission was attended by a delegation of six representatives from the NPO and National Assembly Television of Vietnam.

Facilitated by a resource person from the ROC, participants gained insights into GP approaches, government support for GP programs in the ROC, stakeholder engagement in GP activities, and GP solutions for enterprises. The mission also featured case studies demonstrating how the CPC supports enterprises in adopting GP solutions, the role of energy efficiency in achieving a net-zero future, and the use of television to promote GP. A best practice-sharing session was led by a local expert, emphasizing the significance of energy efficiency in achieving net-zero emissions. The study mission included site visits to DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd, Chung Tai Resource Technology Corp, O’right Inc., Cheng Loong Corp, and Horng En Co., LTD.

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