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CPC organizes in-country project on sustainability and decarbonization

10 Jan 2024

The global push for sustainability is propelling major economies to formulate action plans, with the ROC preparing to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. To assist in that effort, the China Productivity Center (CPC) organized an in-country Technical Expert Service (TES) project on The Revolution in Decarbonization: Rebuilding Corporate Sustainable Competitiveness for the ROC, 17‒19 October in Taipei. Attended by 28 entrepreneurs, advisers, consultants, and SME managers leading sustainability efforts, the project aimed to reshape perspectives on climate change and effective decarbonization strategies.

The emphasis was on Green Productivity approaches to reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiency. Led by experts from the ROC, Japan, and the ROK, the face-to-face TES project focused on expanding awareness of market mechanisms promoting global decarbonization, introducing government approaches to achieving net-zero carbon emissions, and providing practical examples of carbon reduction strategies. Interactive discussions covered competitive strategies for sustainable corporations, energy efficiency enhancement and renewable energy solutions, ESG principles, and details of decarbonization initiatives.

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