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Development of demonstration companies in Pakistan’s micro hydroturbine industry

30 Jun 2023

The first in-person activity helped expedite execution of the In-country Development of Demonstration Companies on Application of Kaizen in Micro Hydropower Turbine Manufacturing for Pakistan, 6–11 June. APO resource person Hideyuki Ezaki, President of Management Assistance Co., Ltd., Japan, conducted meetings with and observational visits to three demonstration companies from the micro hydroturbine sector in Pakistan. The National Productivity Organization (NPO) of Pakistan is the implementing partner in this development project.

Resource Person Ezaki’s visit focused on two points: checking progress; and unforeseen challenges not identified in previous virtual sessions which required proposals for new actions. Through meetings with the demonstration company presidents and onsite visits, the progress in productivity tool implementation was reviewed and additional guidance offered. A workshop on Change Management for Productivity Improvement was also organized by the NPO Pakistan and conducted by Resource Person Ezaki during his visit. It was attended by more than 60 participants including those from the demonstration companies as well as by online observers from various associations.

This demonstration company project is part of APO initiatives to raise awareness and promote the application of productivity concepts, tools, and techniques including kaizen in micro hydropower turbine manufacturing in Pakistan. It started in December 2021, and the first and second visits by the resource person were held virtually. Those initial activities included analysis of the challenges and opportunities related to productivity through interviews, discussions, and diagnostic surveys as well as online monitoring of initial implementation of action plans in the companies.

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