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Digitizing public-sector human resources management

9 Jun 2022

The global pandemic and other trends have accelerated the adoption of technology into working life. Many organizations have teams working virtually in some way, whether it is with distributed teams, remote managers, or other hybrid models. These changes are accompanied by evolving practices in recruitment, training, performance management, and workforce planning. HR technology is one of the keys in ensuring that governments can attract, retain, and develop talent in the 21st century. However, the public sector lags behind the private sector in this. The technology available includes cloud-based HR tools, AI-based solutions, and advanced people analytics. These can be used across different stages of HR management such as recruitment, training, engagement, and performance management. Beyond productivity, the tools can also be used to improve employee well-being.

To help participants navigate the range of tools and methods to enable digitalization in public-sector HR management, the APO Secretariat organized a virtual training course on New Technology for Human Resources Management in the Public Sector, 24–27 May. It covered adapting a public service mindset to an increasingly tech-driven world, an outside-in perspective on digital transformation, change management in public-sector digital transformation, the evolution of HR tech, promoting trustworthy AI in the public sector, and imagining the future and planning for digital initiatives. The course also included group activity, discussions, and presentations on digital strategies for HR.

There were 40 participants from 13 APO members who attended this workshop. Two resource persons from India and Japan made presentations and advised on the group work.

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