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Exploring public service innovation strategies and tools

31 Aug 2023

As governments are dealing with an increasing array of complex challenges, from climate change to cybersecurity, the need for innovation in the public sector has never been more evident. The ways citizens interact with their governments have changed as a result of technology, giving rise to more complex demands and higher expectations. Employing creative strategies and effectively utilizing data and technologies to respond efficiently to the needs of citizens are imperative.

To explore effective innovation initiatives in public services, an online workshop on Public Service Innovation in the New Normal was organized by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia and the APO Secretariat, 14–16 August. This workshop highlighted the urgent need for public-sector organizations to modernize processes and innovate to enhance the quality of life for citizens.

Thirty-five participants from 14 APO member economies attended the workshop virtually. Presentations and discussions led by two resource persons from Indonesia, one from the Philippines, and one from the UK covered topics such as applying innovation in the public sector; engaging citizens in public service culture, design, and planning; and best practices of public service innovation. A new information tool, Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), which archives innovative approaches from various countries as case studies, was introduced.

The workshop was a timely reminder of the critical role that innovation must play in modern governance. Armed with new insights and tools, participants are now better prepared to bring innovative solutions to their organizations and citizens. In line with its mission of fostering productivity and innovation, the APO remains committed to providing initiatives and resources to develop more innovative, responsive public sectors.

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