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Fiji learns from Singapore’s digital transformation

25 Dec 2023

Fiji is embracing digital transformation, leveraging technology as a strategic tool to boost productivity and support organizational development. A Bilateral Cooperation between NPOs project on Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Productivity Improvement was organized by the Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC) and APO Secretariat, 27–30 November. A delegation of four participants from Fiji National University (FNU) observed Singapore’s advanced digital transformation strategies, including governance mechanisms for industrial digital transformation programs through public–private partnerships and government support programs. The SGPC and a local resource person guided the delegates through the sessions and site visits.

In addition to the SGPC’s briefing sessions on its support services and those offered by Enterprise Singapore, site visits were hosted by the Building and Construction Authority Academy, SGTech, Singapore Polytechnic’s Professional & Adult Continuing Education Academy, Temasek Polytechnic, and National Gallery Singapore. Those visits provided insights into initiatives and activities related to digital transformation in different sectors. A notable highlight was the visit to Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice, which shared its SME business excellence framework.

Inspired by Singapore’s innovative spirit, the FNU delegates plan new efforts to embrace digital transformation contributing to inclusive economic growth.

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