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Free APO Mobile Productivity Database app now available for on-the-go access

20 Oct 2014

APO data app iconThe Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Mobile Productivity Database presents 95 economic indicators closely related to productivity in a format specially designed for smartphones. This app gives you easy access to comprehensive statistical data, and information showing trends in indicators for APO members as well as reference Asian and other economies. Most of the data in this mobile database were harmonized and compiled in a project implemented by the APO under a partnership with Keio Economic Observatory of Keio University, Tokyo, although some are from other reliable sources.

The APO Mobile Productivity Database is divided into 10 main indicator categories: Productivity; Output; Labor; Capital; Demand; Income; Population; Prices; Energy; and Enterprises. When entering each indicator field, you are led to a table in time series. Charts illustrating data trends as well as definitions of the variables are included for each indicator.

You are also invited to visit the Measuring Productivity interface on the APO website, where data in Excel spreadsheet format are given for some indicators included in this Mobile Productivity Database. There is also a link to the PDF version of the APO Productivity Databook series containing further comprehensive analyses of productivity trends in the Asia-Pacific region compared with global and regional economies.

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