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FTPI and APO organize training program to calibrate TQA assessors

24 Jul 2023

One of the strategies for productivity improvement in Thailand’s 9th Social and Economic Development Plan was the creation of the Thailand Quality Award (TQA), administered by the Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) and supported by governmental and private organizations. To take the initiative further, the FTPI and APO Secretariat organized a Technical Expert Service (TES) project on Thailand Quality Award (TQA) Assessor Calibration training in both online and face-to-face modes, 12–17 June and 23–27 June (in Bangkok), respectively. The training familiarized TQA assessors with the renowned Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) criteria and Business Excellence Framework.

A total of 229 practitioners attended the Experienced Assessor Calibration training, while 59 attended the Business Excellence Framework seminar, led by Paul Grizzell, President of Core Values Partners, Inc., USA, and Master Examiner of the MBNQA. The goal was to provide insights into the assessment standards, scoring criteria, and assessment quality aligned with MBNQA principles. Participants examined mockup case studies, designed full model scorebooks, and analyzed prework assessments. Workshops and classroom sessions facilitated interactions between the TQA Technical Subcommittee team leaders and both new and experienced assessors. By equipping assessors and organizations with cutting-edge knowledge related to business management, technology, and global trends, the TES project aimed to promote consistent, credible quality assessments while fostering knowledge sharing and best practices.

Thailand’s commitment to the TQA and its continuous improvement approach not only strengthens organizational performance and competitiveness within the country but also serves as a model for other APO members. The replication of this successful project could empower similar organizations in the region to leverage the TQA framework and MBNQA principles to achieve higher productivity and excellence, propelling the growth and success of businesses and industries in the Asia-Pacific region.

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