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FTPI hosts study mission on Smart Poultry Farming

22 Feb 2024

The Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) organized a multicountry Observational Study Mission (OSM) on Smart Poultry Farming in Bangkok, 23–25 January. The three-day mission enabled 38 participants from 17 APO member economies to understand applications of smart farming technologies in the poultry, dairy, and other livestock subsectors. It was facilitated by five resource persons, one each from Belgium and Japan and three from Thailand, who shared insights into policies and ecosystems to accelerate smart farming. The OSM also focused on approaches to adopting smart poultry farming methods for small farmers.

Livestock farming faces increasing demand for its products in the Asia-Pacific region and requires stringent quality assurance. This can be achieved using smart technology to reduce labor, increase productivity, and improve animal welfare. The face-to-face OSM enabled participants to examine models that small-scale farmers can apply to improve productivity through case studies of smart poultry and other livestock farming. It provided an overview of policies and technologies in livestock operations across Belgium, Japan, and Thailand with the resource persons sharing case studies showcasing IoT applications in egg production and smart technology for eco-friendly aquaculture.

It included virtual site visits to prominent farms in Japan, and the on-site visits in Thailand provided tangible insights into the practical implementation of smart farming practices. With a focus on small and medium-sized farms, the OSM underscored the need for government investment and support to move the smart livestock farming agenda forward, fostering collaborative networks among participants. The participants were encouraged to share their experiences and contribute ideas for implementation and advances in the field.

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