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GPAC renews its vows for a greener region

4 Feb 2016


The 14th Meeting of the Green Productivity Advisory Committee (GPAC), 3 February 2016 held at the Rihga Royal Hotel in Tokyo.

GPAC, established in 2003, is a unique network of high-level representatives from leading Japanese private sector corporations with expertise in green business and green technologies. APO works closely with GPAC in getting guidance on various key Green Productivity (GP) programs such as the Eco-products International Fair (EPIF).

The meeting took up several agenda items, including a handover of the committee chairpersons, and the preparatory status of the 10th EPIF to be held in Bangkok, Thailand this June. Representing the host country, Mr. Jumrud Sawangsamud, Director-General of The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) briefed the GPAC members on various initiatives and activities that are currently taking place in Thailand in promotion of the event.

Outgoing GPAC chairperson Mr. Teisuke Kitayama, Chairman of the Board, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Incoming GPAC chairperson Mr. Hajime Bada, Honorary Adviser, JFE Holdings, Inc.


Mr. Jumrud Swangsamud, Director-General, The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI)


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