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Inclusive digital government for effective public service delivery

8 Nov 2023

It is critical for government agencies to adopt digital technologies to deliver services to citizens in the postpandemic era, even in remote areas of developing countries. Those services need to be reliable, efficient, speedy, low cost, and inclusive as well as accessible to citizens and conducive to business. Many APO members are facing difficulties in promoting both inclusive public-sector productivity and digital transformation of the sector.

The National Productivity Centre of Cambodia (NPCC) and APO Secretariat jointly organized an online workshop on Digital Government for Inclusive Public Service Delivery, 4–6 October. Thirty-nine participants from 11 APO members attended to learn about digital transformation in the public sector, including digitalization of public services and public–private partnerships for enhancing digital services. Case studies from Estonia, Singapore, and elsewhere were presented. Six resource persons including one from Cambodia, one from the ROC, one from Japan, two from the ROK, and one from Singapore delivered presentations and facilitated the workshop.

The enthusiasm among participants was evident as they engaged with resource persons to expand their knowledge on additional topics like e-government and m-government, cybersecurity, data privacy, and the development of digital infrastructure within the public sector.

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