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Innovative vegetable farming project in the ROC

27 Jun 2024

The China Productivity Center (CPC) and APO Secretariat organized a face-to-face training course on Innovative Technologies in Vegetable Farming in Taipei, 3–7 June. The objective was to give participants a better understanding of the latest technologies and measures for improving the productivity of vegetable farming, the effectiveness of different innovative technologies and measures, and key success factors in innovative vegetable farming.

Twenty-four participants from 14 APO members attended the course, guided by four resource persons, one from Indonesia and Japan, and two from the ROC. Site visits to an innovative vegetable farm, an organic vegetable farm, and a research institute allowed the participants to see and learn about the latest technologies in vegetable farming in the ROC. At the end of the course, the participants gave presentations on what they had learned and plans for adopting it in their contexts.

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