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Introducing data analytic tools for enhanced customer experience

17 May 2022

Customer experience management (CXM) is a critical component of business success, encompassing the processes used to track, oversee, and organize every interaction with customers throughout the engagement cycle. With various information coming from multiple customer touchpoints, it is necessary to deploy appropriate, systematic data analysis tools to enhance CXM. Successful CXM helps build and develop brand loyalty through positive interactions, satisfaction, and goodwill, ultimately leading to long-term relationships. These are assets for any company to build future growth. The CX can be maximized if data analytics, both qualitative and quantitative, are used appropriately.

A workshop on Customer Management Experience Using Data Analytics was organized by the Singapore Productivity Centre and the APO Secretariat, 20–22 April, to explain how analytic tools extract and separate useful data from unnecessary information and analyze them to reveal patterns and numbers that can help in making profitable changes. It also discussed how data analytics predict customer trends and behaviors, increase business productivity, and lead to evidence-backed decisions. The workshop was attended by 35 participants from 13 member economies.

The virtual workshop helped participants understand the importance of the CX and its management for SMEs, how to use advanced data analytics to maximize customer satisfaction, major customer data collection methods, and how that data can inform business decisions. Two local experts from Singapore and two international resource persons from Japan and the ROK conducted sessions and led discussions.

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