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Kuraban and Sea Snow Debut in Vietnam

19 Oct 2021

The Technical Cooperation Program for COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery under a special cash grant from the Government of Japan took off in earnest in Vietnam’s central province of Phu Yen. Under the special cash grant scheme approved in 2019, the APO is providing assistance and training to strengthen Vietnam’s agrifood SMEs through the introduction of innovative cold chain systems.

Phu Yen province, the recipient recommended by the Vietnamese government, is known for its seafood products. The objective of the cold chain systems is to extend the shelf-life of fresh products offered by SMEs in the region. Two types of cold storage equipment developed by a Japanese SME are now installed in Phu Yen, the Kuraban and Sea Snow. The Kuraban is a cold storage container that extends product shelf-life, while the Sea Snow is a salt ice-making machine that keeps seafood fresh longer.

A virtual ceremony to mark the commencent of the program was held on 12 October. Joining online, Vietnam’s Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat expressed support for the success of the project, and Ambassador of Japan to Vietnam Takio Yamada looked forward to the program creating an innovative cold supply chain model that would be recognized as a successful national example of postpandemic recovery.

Representing Phu Yen province, Chairman Tran Huu The of the Provincial People’s Committee expressed appreciation to the Government of Japan and APO and was confident that the project would help modernize Vietnam’s seafood industry in the province and beyond.

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