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Leadership and Innovation Balanced Scorecard, Tokyo, Japan

9 Nov 2007

Dr. Kaplan speaking at the Asia-Pacific Summit

Two experts from Palladium, Marcus J. Pitt (L) and Ivan Choi (R)

The APO Industry Department organized a workshop on the Leadership and Innovation Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in Tokyo, Japan, 29–October 2 November 2007, in collaboration with Palladium Consulting and the JPC-SED. The program featured world-renowned Dr. Robert S. Kaplan from Harvard Business School, codeveloper of the BSC, as well as Dr. Venkat Ramaswamy from the University of Michigan, the guru of “cocreation.” The primary aim of the workshop was to explain how to utilize the BSC in the context of transformational leadership and innovation to the 35 participants from 19 member countries.

Panel discussion at the Asia-Pacific Summit

Developing leadership and innovation BSC

From 28 to 2 November, Ivan Choi and Marcus J. Pitt of Palladium Consulting led a workshop on developing leadership and innovation, followed by the two-day 2007 Balanced Scorecard Asia-Pacific Summit: Innovation in Strategy Execution conducted by Drs. Kaplan and Ramaswamy. Topics covered included Value Creation through Cocreation, Innovation Balanced Scorecard, Executive Balance Scorecard, Human Capital Development, and Management and Leadership in the 21st Century. As part of the APO Industry Department’s outreach strategy, a self-study module for the BSC will be launched in 2008, featuring a self-paced, Web-based module accessible to all member countries.


Dr. Robert S. Kaplan is a professor at Harvard Business School who codeveloped the BSC with Dr. David P. Norton in the 1980s. An authority in his field, he has written many books on strategy and BSC-related topics.

Palladium Consulting (originally Balanced Scorecard Collaborative) is a US-based company founded by Dr. David P. Norton which specializes in performance measurement and management. The company has 18 offices worldwide and 17 affiliate offices including its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

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