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Learning, Productive Organizations

29 Oct 2020

Productivity Talk on 5 November 2020

The APO Presents Productivity Talk on Learning, Productive Organizations on 5 November 2020

As the world changes rapidly, the survival of organizations, whether private or public, depends on how fast they can adapt. The death rate of S&P 500 companies reflects that reality.

In this session, John Hagel, Founder of Beyond Our Edge, LLC. talks about how to promote learning in organizations to help them adjust to constant change. This APO Productivity Talk explores the importance of learning, productive organizations.

For questions, please write to: apo-elearning@apo-tokyo.org.

Click here to watch. Use this same link to view the video during or after the live session, whenever it’s convenient for you.

If you’re having trouble accessing the talk, click here instead.

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