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MPO conducts KM project for productivity improvement in energy and mining sectors

22 Feb 2024

The Mongolian Productivity Organization (MPO) conducted a series of online and face-to-face sessions from April to November 2023 focusing on enhancing productivity within the country’s energy and mining sectors. The Development of Demonstration Companies (DMP) project on Productivity Improvement in Energy and Mining Sectors through Knowledge Management (KM) for Mongolia was conducted online on 7 April, 19 May, 15 August, and 13 October, complemented by face-to-face sessions 24‒28 April, 5‒9 May, and 18‒22 September 2023, for three demonstration companies. The project concluded with a three-day conference, 6‒9 November 2023 in Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolia’s mining sector accounted for a significant portion of GDP and exports in 2019, but challenges such as infrastructure deficits and environmental concerns have hindered its productivity growth. To address these hurdles, the DMP project introduced best practices in KM to help mining enterprises make informed decisions and achieve higher productivity growth. The participating companies, including the state-owned Erdenet Mining Corporation and joint stock companies Thermal Power Plant No. 3 and Cable Utilization and Maintenance Center, Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network, benefited from workshops, training sessions, and consultancy services tailored to their specific needs, facilitating the implementation of KM frameworks and the development of customized KM roadmaps.

By fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and retention, the project helped bolster decision-making processes and operational efficiency within the participating companies. With an emphasis on tangible productivity improvements, the project also raised awareness of the significance of KM and how successful companies can serve as beacons of productivity excellence within Mongolia and beyond. As APO demonstration companies, they will disseminate the KM expertise and best practices acquired, thus catalyzing similar initiatives across the region.

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