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Multicountry observational study mission on Well-being and Productivity

8 Dec 2023

The APO Secretariat conducted an online multicountry observational study mission on Well-being and Productivity, 14–15 November, facilitated by four resource persons from India, I.R. Iran, Japan, and the UK. It was attended by 48 participants from 12 APO member economies.


Productivity and well-being are key to the success of both individuals and organizations. The correlation between well-being and productivity is a theme in the APO Vision 2025 and an increasingly prominent concept in the Asia-Pacific region. By acknowledging the link between productivity and well-being, organizations can establish good cultures that emphasize work–life balance, flexible work schedules, and employee skill development. A commitment to employee health and well-being boosts output and drives performance and profitability over the long term.


The study mission looked at the correlation between health and worker performance and the associated impact on productivity; work–life balance; mindfulness and emotional intelligence; motivation and ikigai; factors affecting well-being and productivity; and regulations and policies for health and productivity management at the national level. The four resource persons introduced case studies and background information specific to their cultural contexts. Participants learned how to manage employee health and productivity, develop emotional intelligence skills for interpersonal interactions, and evaluate the link between work–life balance and well-being.


There was abundant positive feedback from participants. Many were keen to learn more about well-being concepts such ikigai, requesting the APO to consider more such projects in the future. Other suggestions were to introduce short breaks after each session and to include group exercises.


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