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NPO Pakistan hosts workshop on agricultural mechanization

28 Nov 2023

To address challenges faced by small farmers in APO member economies, the National Productivity Organization, Pakistan organized a four-day workshop on Improving Agricultural Productivity through Mechanization, 6–9 November, in Lahore. Small farmers, who play a crucial role in developing countries, often grapple with limited resources and lack of skilled labor, impeding the efficiency of their farming operations. Recognizing the potential benefits of mechanization in enhancing agricultural productivity, the workshop focused on providing small farmers with the knowledge and skills needed for effective mechanization.

Twenty participants from nine APO members attended, including representatives from small farmers’ associations, government officials, small farm owners, farm machinery SMEs, academia, and consultancy agencies. Led by three resource persons from Japan, Pakistan, and Thailand, the workshop provided a comprehensive overview of mechanization, encompassing frameworks, tools, approaches, and associated benefits. Case studies illustrating mechanization activities tailored for small farming operations in APO members were presented for discussion. Millet Tractor Company in Lahore hosted a site visit to provide practical insights into innovative agricultural machinery manufacturing.

The APO anticipates that the workshop will contribute to the wider adoption of agricultural machinery for diverse farming conditions and the formulation of supporting policies. Participants are expected to conduct cost-benefit analyses of mechanization and identify opportunities to improve agricultural productivity through automation, fostering sustainable practices in APO member economies.

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