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NPO Pakistan organizes training program for 5S lead auditors

8 Aug 2023

The NPO Pakistan has been providing 5S training, consultancy, and auditing services to industries for the past two decades. With the aim of cultivating a new pool of 5S experts and auditors, it organized an online training and awareness program, 26–28 June and 11–14 July. The Development of 5S Lead Auditors Training and Awareness Sessions for Schools and Industry was attended by 25 participants, including the general manager, deputy and assistant managers, and management associates from the NPO. The training under the APO Technical Expert Services Program was conducted by two resource persons from the Philippines and Singapore.

The project had two primary objectives. It first aimed to create a pool of competent 5S lead auditors capable of conducting in-house 5S audits within their organizations and serving as external 5S auditors for client organizations. Second, it sought to instill an understanding of lean management and 5S concepts as well as the key competencies required of 5S auditors. The focus was on the 5S audit process, 5S checklist development, and effective documentation and analysis of 5S observations from mock audits conducted by participants.

Apart from industry-oriented training, awareness sessions for schools were included. By implementing the 5S philosophy, these sessions aimed to bolster productivity and excellence in school management. Recognizing that good housekeeping is foundational for improved productivity, the project emphasized the significance of 5S for both the workplace and educational institutions. This enables the newly trained auditors to design checklists for work areas, thus facilitating the creation of sustainable 5S systems within organizations. Moreover, the TES project addressed the critical role of group dynamics and team synergy in promoting total employee involvement in the 5S implementation process.

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