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Performance management: A strategic approach to managing public resources

21 Sep 2022

The APO Vision 2025 promotes inclusive engagement and shared prosperity. To achieve those goals, performance management systems geared toward improving overall efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of scarce resources, strengthening accountability and transparency, and enhancing public-sector responsiveness to citizens’ needs are critical. Performance management systems are tools to measure, control, and improve operations to meet strategic goals. In the public sector, they are applied to set standards for improving the performance, productivity, and quality of public service delivery. Public-sector employees are required to work in new ways and contexts that include using innovative technology and tools and following new procedures and protocols governing remote work.

The National Productivity Secretariat, Sri Lanka, and APO Secretariat organized a workshop on Performance Management Systems and Productivity of the Public Sector, 24–26 August. The workshop was attended by 43 participants from 10 APO members. The sessions were conducted by four resource persons from Australia, the ROK, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. Cases from Australia, the ROK, Singapore, and the UK were presented, and participants shared their own performance management systems, which enriched discussions and highlighted the evolving nature of public-sector operations to improve productivity. Recent advances in frameworks and tools for performance management systems in the public sector in the postpandemic era were explored, and group work formulated strategic plans for promoting advanced performance management systems to make the public sector more future ready.

Screenshoot of participants

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