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Philippines hosts workshop on public-sector leadership

16 May 2017

The Development Academy of the Philippines is hosting a Workshop on Public-sector Leadership in Manila, 15–19 May 2017. The workshop is part of a series of interventions by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) to promote higher performance in the public sector in member countries through enhanced leadership.

President of the Development Academy of the Philippines delivering her remarks at the opening session.

President of the Development Academy of the Philippines delivering her remarks at the opening session.

Twenty-two participants from 15 APO member countries, including the Philippines, are attending the workshop that aims to outline the leadership knowledge, capabilities, skills, and behaviors that senior managers and leaders must exhibit to support the successful implementation of public-sector productivity development initiatives. During the workshop, they will have opportunities to deliberate on potential applications of emerging, smart technological advances and innovations that are enabling productive public-sector organizations to deliver services more efficiently while engaging citizens through participatory initiatives.

In an era when public-sector organizations must cope with rapid changes due to technological progress facilitating greater public participation in the decision-making processes of government, public-sector leadership must embrace elements important for change management or anticipating the future, such as coping with rapid, continuous change, dealing with turbulence and uncertainty, providing direction and vision, and focusing employees on the organizational mission based on leadership efficiency and effectiveness.

The five-day APO workshop is also designed to help participants review the role of leadership in coping with rapid innovations allowing greater public participation in decision-making processes. Innovative leadership through reliance on technologies to improve public services and invite more public participation in policymaking will also be a topic highlighted in the workshop. However, a key outcome will be drawing up a two-year organizational-level leadership development plan to serve as a guideline for participants and their public organizations in moving toward a more productive, efficient public sector.

The workshop is facilitated by three public-sector leadership and strategic planning experts: Noore Alam Siddiquee (Flinders University, Australia); M. Thilakasiri (former Director General, Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration); and John Xavier (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia). A session on open government data and technologies to improve delivery of public services in the Philippines will be shared by local Resource Person Lilia C. Guillermo, Undersecretary of the Department of Budget and Management. Another local resource person, Benjamin Abalos, Jr., shared his experiences in innovative leadership during his tenure as mayor of Mandaluyong.

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