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Productive Organic Farming

17 Nov 2020

Productivity Talk on 26 November 2020

The APO Presents Productivity Talk on Productive Organic Farming on 26 November 2020

The multifaceted benefits of sustainable agriculture contribute solutions to issues like hunger, inequity, energy use, pollution, climate change, biodiversity, and natural resource management. Organic agriculture focuses on solving challenges in food chains by offering healthy, affordable food; minimizing pollution; increasing animal welfare; ensuring fairness and transparency across interdependent value chains; and maximizing efficiency and productivity in resource utilization to benefit all.

In this APO Productivity Talk, Gábor Figeczky, Senior Manager of Global Policy, IFOAM-Organics International, and Dr. Ha Thu Nguyen, Head of Agrochemistry, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, will discuss the importance of organic agriculture and its contributions to productivity improvement and sustainability. They will also explain Vietnam’s policies to promote organic agriculture.

For questions, please write to: apo-elearning@apo-tokyo.org.

Click here to watch. Use this same link to view the video during or after the live session, whenever it’s convenient for you.

If you’re having trouble accessing the talk, click here instead.

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