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Publication of the Eco-products Directory 2012 & Revision of the Eco-products Database

10 Apr 2012

The Eco-products Directory 2012 is the latest edition of this unique publication, showcasing 900 green products and services developed by enterprises in the Asia-Pacific designed to help minimize impacts on the environment and mitigate the effects of global warming.

The Eco-products Directory is a comprehensive listing of green products and services offered by enterprises in APO member countries to contribute to the mitigation of global warming. Compiled and published by the APO every year since 2007, this directory aims to contribute to more sustainable development in the region by offering a platform for the best practices of the Asia-Pacific in green production and design. The directory is a unique tool for creating awareness of the need for environmentally responsible purchasing and consumption practices.

“It is with great pleasure that we launch the 2012 edition as a tangible representation of the continued concerted efforts of the Asia-Pacific region to contribute to more sustainable development by promoting the concept of green production and consumption.”
From the Foreword by APO Secretary-General Ryuichiro Yamazaki

Listings are grouped under the four product categories of “eco-materials,” “eco-components,” “eco-products,” and “eco-services,” and each provides an explanation of how and why the product/service can contribute to mitigating the effects of global warming in comparison to the conventional alternative. Other details such as environmental labels and certifications, specifications, and photos are also given. The listings assist a variety of readers, including consumers, procurement officers, public/private-sector players wishing to contribute to green economy initiatives, or students seeking knowledge of green products and services, in making informed purchasing decisions based on environmental considerations.

It is hoped that the newest edition will reach the hands of as many individuals as possible within the Asia-Pacific as well as abroad as, regardless of whether the reader is a government official, a corporate officer, a consumer, or a student. Greening individual minds is crucial to the fundamental changes demanded.”
From “Dear Readers” by Emeritus Professor Ryoichi Yamamoto, University of Tokyo

Every edition of the directory also features articles on relevant topics contributed by experts in the region to illustrate recent developments and trends in greening the economy in and around the APO region.

In the 2012 edition, Professor Masahiko Hirao of the University of Tokyo cites various examples of recent Japanese green initiatives and discusses the role of consumers in driving industry toward the development of more green products and services. He notes the importance of encouraging B-to-C communication through tools such as ecolabeling schemes and databases on green products and services in assisting consumers to change their purchasing behaviors on their own initiative to create a more sustainable economy.

Dr. Ning Yu, President of the Environment and Development Foundation of the Republic of China, shares the best practices in the APO region to encourage green purchasing, especially in government procurement. While underlining the importance of green government purchasing in building up the infrastructure and markets for green products and services, she also stresses the crucial role of government-led initiatives going beyond the public domain to support sustainable production and consumption in all sectors to green the economy.

The Eco-products Directory 2012 is currently available in hard copy and e-book formats. The e-book format can be viewed on the APO website as well as on a CD-ROM. Aside from its initial distribution to enterprises that listed products/services and relevant APO partners such as national productivity organizations, environmental agencies, and industry associations, the directory will be displayed at major environmental exhibitions, conferences, and events held in Asia-Pacific cities throughout the year.

*For questions/interest in promoting this directory and/or any other related APO activities, please contact the APO IPR team (pr@apo-tokyo.org).

The APO Eco-products Database

The APO Eco-products Database was launched in October 2010 as an online, interactive tool to promote sustainable production and consumption in the region. This database provides users with a web-based, easy-to-access portal to information on the innovative green products and services developed and designed in the Asia-Pacific region which are showcased in the annual Eco-products Directory. With the search function, users are able to find detailed information they need on specific products and services.

The newly updated version of the APO Eco-products Database compiles information on the products and services listed in the Eco-products Directory 2012. To access the APO Eco-products Database.

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