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SGPC hosts BCN project to enhance service-sector productivity in Thailand

7 Jun 2024

The Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC) organized an In-country Bilateral Cooperation between NPOs (BCN) project on Development of a Productivity Framework for the Service Sector from Thailand to Singapore, 25–27 March. The project included bilateral meetings between the SGPC and four representatives from the Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) to exchange best practices for supporting productivity improvement in the service sector. They also explored the possibility of cooperation to enhance productivity and sustainability in Thailand’s service sector.

The service sector, contributing approximately 40% to Thailand’s GDP, has faced significant challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the sector, but it has shown resilience with a recent surge in tourism since early 2023. Nevertheless, it continues to struggle with shortages of skilled labor and limited productivity support schemes. The FTPI introduced the ISO 23592:2021 Service Excellence framework to the private sector and sought insights from advanced initiatives and support schemes in Singapore through the BCN project.

The BCN sessions included site visits, giving delegates firsthand insights into initiatives, policies, and critical issues related to productivity and sustainability in the service sector. Visits were hosted by the SGPC, Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA), Singapore General Hospital, and Hotel Novotel Singapore, offering diverse perspectives and experiences. The project introduced Singapore’s best practices to improve support schemes for Thailand’s service sector, addressing issues such as a lack of skilled labor and productivity support.

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