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Study mission to Indonesian villages on sustainable rural development

9 Dec 2022

The Fijian government has developed Fiji’s National Development Plan consisting of comprehensive 20-year and five-year socio-economic development plans, which prioritize rural development through infrastructure improvement and public utility provision. Under a government-funded sustainable livelihood project, National Productivity Organization (NPO) of Fiji namely the National Training and Productivity Centre (NTPC), Fiji National University, will conduct technical and vocational training programs for rural villagers in basic practical skills and knowledge to raise productivity and meet immediate and future sustainability needs.

To support the NTPC and related stakeholders in their rural community development efforts, an Individual-country Observational Study Mission on Productivity and Rural Community Development was hosted by the NPO Indonesia, 8–10 November. Indonesia, with its large population in rural areas and villages, has made significant progress in rural community development over the past three decades. Successful implementation of strategic policies and sustainable rural development initiatives by the government have significantly lowered rural poverty and raised productivity.

Five participants from Fiji attended the mission and visited the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region, and Transmigration, NPO Indonesia, and Vocational and Productivity Training Center Bekasi. Two local resource persons shared practical experience in productivity and vocational training and policies for sustainable village development. Mission participants also visited Sirnajaya village to observe two rural development projects based on the BUMDESMA concept, under which joint village-owned enterprise capital is partly or wholly owned by village governments.

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