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Training Course on Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality

17 May 2024

In a significant step toward embracing Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, the KPC and APO Secretariat conducted a training course on Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality, 23–26 April. The course was designed to equip professionals from all APO members with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies across various sectors.

The course attracted participants from 12 APO members, who were guided by three resource persons from Indonesia, the ROK, and UK. Through an online format, participants explored the fundamentals of VR/AR, applications in different sectors with a special focus on healthcare sector, and the integration of these technologies with AI, among other topics. The project aimed to both inform and transform, enabling participants to implement innovative VR/AR solutions in their respective fields, thereby enhancing operational productivity and fostering technological advances.

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