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VNPI hosts certification standards program for Pakistan

19 Sep 2023

The Vietnam National Productivity Institute (VNPI) and APO Secretariat organized a face-to-face project on Benchmarking the Best Practices of a Successful Certification Body from Pakistan to Vietnam, 25‒27 July in Hanoi. This in-country Bilateral Cooperation between NPOs (BCN) project was attended by three participants from the NPO Pakistan to enhance the capabilities of the Productivity Certification Body of Pakistan (PCBP) by facilitating learning from an NPO that has successfully met the requirements to become a CB under the APO Accreditation Body (AB). The BCN Program serves as a platform for collaborative knowledge sharing and learning, enabling participants to leverage each other’s strengths and establish mutually beneficial partnerships among APO members.

During the BCN project, experts from prominent Vietnamese organizations, including STAMEQ, the Vietnam Standards and Quality Institute (VSQI), Vietnam Certification Centre, VNPI, and ViProCB, facilitated informative sessions. The topics covered a wide spectrum of productivity-related subjects, including insights into Vietnam’s National Productivity and Quality Program for 2021–30 and its key activities, challenges, strategies, achievements, and collaborations. Additionally, discussions revolved around strategies for developing productivity specialists, publishing national standards, providing certification services, and fostering cooperation between STAMEQ and the NPO Pakistan under the APO PS101: Certification of Productivity Specialists scheme.

Participants had the opportunity to meet APO Director for Vietnam Dr. Ha Minh Hiep, Acting Director General of STAMEQ, and join sessions conducted by STAMEQ officials and the CB Council. Knowledge-sharing and learning sessions were conducted at the VSQI and Vietnam Certification Centre, focusing on the development of national standards for productivity specialists and related services. They also held productive meetings with officials from the VNPI and ViProCB, which contributed to the overall success of the BCN project.

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