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21 Nov 2007

Increasing demand from environment-conscious consumers coupled with new government regulations in many countries now force enterprises to take responsibility for the entire product/service life cycle. Enterprises [Read More]

19 Nov 2007

Contributed by Special Secretary Tourism Dr. Ravinder N. Batta, Government of Himachal Pradesh, India

The concept of eco-towns originated in Japan. Toward the end of the [Read More]

16 Nov 2007

In the face of increased competition in domestic and international agricultural markets, small and medium-sized farms and agribusinesses are undergoing a transformation. Advanced technology facilitates farm [Read More]

15 Nov 2007

Globally, approximately half of all food and fiber produced is lost to field and storage pests (insects, pathogens, nematodes, weeds, and vertebrates). The losses are usually [Read More]

12 Nov 2007

“Knowledge management (KM) is not only one of the APO’s thrust areas but it is growing in importance in this fast-changing and globalized world,” APO Secretary-General [Read More]

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