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17 May 2024

In a significant step toward embracing Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, the KPC and APO Secretariat conducted a training course on Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality, [Read More]

17 May 2024

The APO Secretariat organized an online training course on AI Applications in the Service Sector, 23–26 April 2024. The course was a significant step toward fulfilling [Read More]

10 May 2024

To enable the surgical instrument sector to achieve product and process improvements and meet global market needs, the NPO Pakistan organized a Development of Demonstration Companies [Read More]

9 May 2024

The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) along with the APO Secretariat organized an in-country Bilateral Cooperation between NPOs (BCN) project on Public-sector Excellence and Performance [Read More]

9 May 2024

The recent online workshop on Innovative Transformation for Lifestyle and Service Sectors, organized by the Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC) and APO Secretariat 23–25 April witnessed enthusiastic [Read More]

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