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Conference on Enhancing Employability of Workers in the Informal Economy

The informal economy has expanded over time to become a source of livelihood for billions (World Bank, 2022). In the Asia-Pacific region, the informal sector employs over 61% of workers (ILO, 2020). Despite their role in creating economic value, informal workers are vulnerable due to low wages, unfavorable working conditions, and poor social support and protection by labor laws.

Enhancing the employability of informal-sector workers in the formal sector requires a holistic approach. On an individual level, skill gaps could be addressed by equipping informal workers with technical competencies and providing access to vocational training. On a government level, more schemes for informal workers’ skill development and offering incentives and subsidies to companies employing them are among possible measures.

This conference will examine the existing skill development, supportive policies, and enabling environments to increase the employability of informal economy workers in APO member economies.

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Date 07 December 2023
Organizer National Productivity Council, India and APO Secretariat
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