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Conference on Open Innovation in the Public Sector

According to a 2024 Harvard University report, open innovation is a strategy that suggests the best ideas, solutions, and people to solve difficult organizational problems. This type of innovation is being used by a growing number of public-sector organizations to adopt good ideas from around the world to improve the delivery of public services.

Implementing open innovation in the public sector requires a shift in mindset from a traditional, closed approach to government to one that is more open, collaborative, and participatory. It involves creating mechanisms for engagement, such as innovation labs, hackathons, crowdsourcing platforms, and public–private partnerships, as well as policies that support data sharing, intellectual property management, and service co-creation.

In collaboration with APO Center of Excellence on Public Sector Productivity, this conference is expected to harness the collective intelligence of public sector organizations in order to improve governance and deliver better outcomes for citizens.

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Date 28 August 2024 -
29 August 2024
Organizer Development Academy of the Philippines
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