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Conference on Productivity Gainsharing for Rural Development

Rural areas face unique challenges such as limited access to markets, education, and decent jobs, resulting in a continuous influx of populations into cities and aging rural communities. The Future of Asian & Pacific Cities Report 2023 issued by UN ECSAP and Habitat listed issues of rapid urbanization such as social inequality, food security, environmental degradation, and climate change. Rural development is thus critical for balanced socioeconomic growth in the Asia-Pacific region. The APO promotes gainsharing to equitably share the results of productivity improvement. Gainsharing among rural stakeholders may reduce urban migration by generating agribusiness income in rural areas.

This conference will examine challenges and opportunities in implementing gainsharing models to foster sustainable rural development, showcasing best practices and examining key factors in gainsharing models in rural settings.

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Date 02 October 2024 -
03 October 2024
Organizer Lao National Productivity Organization
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