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Conference on Tourism 4.0 for Rural Development

According to a 2021 UNWTO report, international tourism would reach 65% of prepandemic levels by the end of 2022. The IMF reported that Asia-Pacific tourism had continued to recover gradually in 2022. The pandemic accelerated trends such as digitalization and altered what consumers seek in travel experiences. The ADB found that travelers were choosing rural destinations offering cleaner air, privacy, and less crowding than urban areas.

To assist rural economies and communities to recover, regrow, and become more sustainable and inclusive, this conference will introduce Tourism 4.0, which delivers information on destinations using technologies to enhance tourism operations and sustainability. This includes using smart systems to optimize energy consumption, waste management, and water usage in tourist facilities as well as big data analytics to improve tourism planning, management, and decision-making.

This conference will enhance understanding of how Tourism 4.0 can contribute to sustainable rural development.

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Date 08 November 2023 -
09 November 2023
Organizer Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region, and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia and Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia
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