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Development of APO-certified Productivity Specialists

In 2018, the APO introduced the Accreditation Program to enable National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) to be certification bodies (CBs) on productivity specialist-related schemes. In 2021, the NPOs of Malaysia and Vietnam successfully completed their preparations and became the first batch of APO-accredited CBs. The NPOs of India, I.R. Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, and the Turkish Management Sciences Institute of Turkiye (TUSSIDE), a partner of the NPO of Turkiye, are expected to be accredited in 2023.

The transformation of NPOs as CBs is expected to accelerate the development of competent productivity specialists across APO members. A pool of productivity specialists is critically needed by the region since many organizations continue to struggle to enhance productivity under a transformative, fast-changing era of digitization. The emergence of new, pandemic-prompted business models such as remote work or hybrid styles of work compounded the productivity pursuit challenges of firms and organizations. These changes affect the roles of productivity specialists and the methods to provide services to client organizations.

This course will introduce the latest techniques to improve efficiency and raise productivity. It will enhance the skills of participants in providing training and consultancy in productivity tools and techniques and is a prerequisite for participants to qualify for certification. After completing this course, participants will be guided to complete all the certification requirements and submit their applications to any of the APO-accredited CBs in member countries.

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Date 07 November 2022 -
18 November 2022
Organizer Malaysia Productivity Corporation
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