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Development of APO-certified Productivity Specialists

The development of productivity specialists is one of the flagship programs of the APO to enhance the capability of National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) by inculcating knowledge and building skills among their professional staff. Productivity specialists are expected to undertake productivity improvement programs at the firm and organizational level and provide inputs to developing national productivity plans. NPOs in member countries are the key stakeholders and partners in contributing to overall sustainable socioeconomic development through productivity enhancement. NPOs perform activities such as offering various training courses, extending consultancy services, and proactively collaborating with the APO in implementing its projects.

In the era of digitization, many organizations are still struggling to master and deploy the technologies to enhance productivity. To be resilient and maintain business continuity, organizations need to adapt to the new normal work conditions that include such changes as flexwork, remote work, or hybrid styles of work. These changes affect the role of productivity specialists and the methods to provide services to client organizations. Training and consultancy methods and productivity enhancement tools and techniques must therefore be adjusted accordingly. This course will explore the latest techniques to improve efficiency and raise productivity.

The Productivity Specialists Program has been offered by the APO for about three decades and it has been updated and upgraded in recent years to enable productivity professionals to qualify as APOcertified Productivity Specialists. The present course is a preparatory course to qualify for certification. After completing this course, participants are requested to submit project plans, and resource persons will be assigned to provide coaching and mentoring during implementation. The reports should be submitted to the APO Secretariat within six months after course completion. Participants who meet all the requirements will be certified as APO-certified Productivity Specialists.

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Date 07 March 2022 -
11 March 2022
Organizer Malaysia Productivity Corporation and APO Secretariat
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