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Development of Productivity Practitioners for the Youth

The Development of Productivity Specialists is an APO’s flagship program to create productivity experts in members. The program has long been associated with NPO development, as most participants are professional NPO staff. It also strengthens networks among NPOs.

In 2023, the APO expanded the beneficiaries of the program by targeting the youth to provide opportunities for young professionals and those working with young people to embrace the productivity culture and understand the concept, methods, tools, and techniques for productivity enhancement. The OECD reported in 2023 that those with more education are more likely to get and keep a job, learn new skills on the job, and earn more money. Educating young people is a powerful tool for achieving economic prosperity and reducing inequality.

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Date 10 June 2024 -
14 June 2024
Organizer Mongolian Productivity Organization
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