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Development of Public-sector Productivity Specialists

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit organizations and employees in every sector worldwide in unprecedented ways, including the public sector. Almost all governments implemented strict lockdowns, contact tracing measures, and digitization to save lives while ensuring the continuity of essential services such as healthcare, education, public administration, and food delivery. With restrictions on people’s mobility still imposed even after two years, difficulties in operating and delivering basic public services continue. The situation also changed the ways employees in public sector organizations operate such as adjusting to remote work and adopting digital solutions to ensure that services can be provided while enhancing performance and productivity.

Recognizing the importance of public-sector performance in serving citizens’ needs under the new normal, the APO continues examining methods and approaches to improve work processes, motivation and skills of employees, and managerial capability to optimize public-sector resources in the region. These factors constitute the fundamentals of the APO Public-sector Productivity Framework. This course aims at strengthening the capabilities of the public sector in APO members by rebuilding and reshaping workforce skillset requirements under the new normal.

Participants will be trained in the concepts, approaches, tools, and techniques needed by productivity specialists in the public sector and develop the skillsets for the required competencies. NPOs are requested to nominate professionals who are expected to work as productivity specialists for the public sector.

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Date 05 December 2022 -
09 December 2022
Organizer Development Academy of the Philippines and APO Secretariat
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