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Enhancing Productivity through DXPO

Process optimization, or the enhancement of business process management, aims to reduce costs while increasing performance, productivity, and efficiency. Process management and optimization are critical for a successful digital transformation (DX). Research shows that DX-driven process optimization (DXPO) can produce superior results when used strategically based on urgency or priorities, productivity, efficiency, market needs, speed of implementation, risk mitigation, cost reduction, optimized time management, etc.

In this P-Talk, Dr. Jay Rajasekera, Vice President and Professor of Digital Business & Strategy, Tokyo International University, discusses how DXPO can be utilized in any sector, citing real-world examples from Toyota, JR East, and other companies with moderator Atty. Engelbert C. Caronan, Jr., President and CEO of the DAP.

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Date 25 August 2022
APO Secretariat
Organizer APO Secretariat
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