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Excellence Models from the Productivity Viewpoint

This P-Talk explores the intricate relationship between business excellence models and productivity enhancement, emphasizing the imperative for refined assessment frameworks in organizational environments. With expert insights from Prof. Mohammad S. Owlia, the discussion underscores the evolution of business excellence models from the Deming Prize to the contemporary EFQM and MBNQA frameworks. Prof. Owlia shares the Iranian Maturity Model for the Assessment of Productivity System (iMAPS) to showcase strategic adaptations and development of the business excellence model within the Iranian context. Exemplary practices illustrate how targeted models and thoughtful investments in productivity infrastructure can drive sustainable organizational growth. Join us for a transformative conversation on leveraging excellence models to amplify productivity and organizational efficacy amid evolving global business standards.

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Date 22 May 2024
APO Secretariat
Organizer APO Secretariat
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