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International Conference on Productivity Accreditation and Certification

The International Conference on Productivity Accreditation and Certification to be held in Pakistan is a commemoration of the APO’s Diamond Jubilee which will showcase the productivity improvement journeys in the Asia and Pacific region, specifically efforts to enhance capabilities of NPOs through accreditation programs. The APO’s 60th anniversary celebrations started in 2021 but the associated commemorative events were rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conference’s host country Pakistan was one of the eight founding members of the APO. The NPO Pakistan is mandated to promote productivity in the country and it recently launched a nationwide developmental initiative, “Improving Competitiveness through Sustainable National Productivity.” The NPO received special recognition by the Planning Commission (PC) of Pakistan and was assigned to undertake “Improving National Competitiveness,” which is among the seven pillars of the PC’s strategic initiative of “Turn Around Pakistan” aimed at “Improving Competitiveness through Enhanced Productivity, Innovation, and Quality for Export-led Growth.”

The conference aims to enhance collaboration among NPOs and other stakeholders on the specialized subject of accreditation. It will also deepen knowledge of current and future productivity certification standards among APO members. As an anniversary event, the conference will take stock of the APO’s achievements over the past six decades and identify new drivers and strengths to ensure its continued contributions to the region.

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Date 05 October 2022 -
06 October 2022
Organizer National Productivity Organization, Pakistan, and APO Secretariat
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