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Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Industry 4.0 Digital Industrial Platforms

Digital platforms and industry networks play the roles of integrating technology building blocks, industrial applications, and stakeholders in the ecosystem for business transition toward Industry 4.0. While the IoT and cloud platforms assist exchanges of data and technical information, industry networks convey know-how, experiences, and resources to foster innovation-based environments for digital upgrading. Building secure, strong platforms and networks that facilitate technical and resource exchanges among businesses is crucial for comprehensive, sustainable digital transformation.

According to the 2021 IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, Singapore has been one of the earliest and fastest among APO members in preparing for and responding to the Industry 4.0 movement, with strategic policies facilitating businesses and specific strengths in cultivating talent, connecting partners, and developing technological frameworks.

Pursuing development in advanced manufacturing, AI, and workforce upgrading, various initiatives, such as the Smart Nation, Smart Industry Readiness Index, SME Go Digital, and Digital Government Blueprint, have been deployed and complement each other to support digital transformation in all dimensions. Industry networks and technological platforms are also established to connect stakeholders in the ecosystem to facilitate interlinked upgrading.

This study mission aims to examine the creation, functions, implications, and sustainability of such platforms and networks by observing existing strategies and practices in Singapore and discussing their effectiveness.

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Date 23 November 2022 -
25 November 2022
Organizer Singapore Productivity Centre
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