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Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Innovative Smart Farming Models for Agriculture 4.0

Agriculture 4.0, also known as smart farming, is a management concept to efficiently increase the quantity and quality of agricultural output by using advanced technologies including machines and IT devices such as sensors, drones, robots, GPS, AI, and the Internet of Things. These technologies enable farmers to monitor fields precisely, make timely decisions and take actions based on data, and optimize workloads for achieving higher yields and quality at lower cost and with less labor. Agriculture 4.0 is also a key tool to advance environmental sustainability, accelerate climate-resilient agriculture, and promote inclusivity in the sector.

The APO Agricultural Transformation Framework (2019) highlighted the following considerations for enabling smart farming: 1) creating public goods related to smart agricultural technologies that benefit the majority of actors, especially smallholders; 2) supporting public- and private-sector institutions in conducting R&D; 3) encouraging private investment in affordable, low-cost technologies and services; 4) encouraging information and data sharing, with adequate safeguards and protection of intellectual property rights; 5) experimenting with and launching pilot programs before scaling up; 6) prioritizing smart agriculture as part of national development strategies; and 7) formulating regulations and policies to support initiatives and encourage early adopters as well as cross-country collaboration and cooperation for sharing knowledge, experience, best practices, and appropriate technology.

Turkey exported around USD1 billion of agricultural products in 2020 and is one of the leading countries among APO members in adopting agricultural machinery and promoting mechanization. Agriculture 4.0 has progressed along with advanced mechanization in the country, exemplifying good practices of smart agricultural farming. One of the sites to be visited is Vodafone Smart Farm, which aims to increase productivity and encourage young people’s involvement in farming by applying the latest technologies and advanced ICT. Participants will virtually observe this case and learn about the roles of the public and private sectors in promoting and adopting Agriculture 4.0. This observational study mission will also discuss how to apply the learning and experience of Turkey for adoption in other APO members.

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Date 29 June 2022 -
30 June 2022
Organizer Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkiye and APO Secretariat
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