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Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Smart Poultry Farming

The UN FAO reported in 2019 that the global demand for livestock products was anticipated to double by 2050, mainly in developing countries. The sector must therefore meet future demand, ensure consistent quality, and achieve sustainability without causing irreparable environmental damage.

Poultry is a critical segment to enhance productivity in livestock farming because of the growing demand for its meat and eggs and increasing market value in the Asia-Pacific region. Dairy farming is also a critical segment considering market demand and involvement of small farmers as the majority of producers in the region. Productivity in these two subsectors must therefore be improved.

Smart technologies in poultry, dairy, and other livestock management are evolving, primarily in large cooperatives. Further efforts are required for their adoption among small farmers who often lack financial resources and know-how. This study mission will examine how to promote smart livestock management in APO member economies.

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Date 23 January 2024 -
25 January 2024
Organizer Thailand Productivity Institute
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