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Observational Study Mission on Microclimate-controlled Greenhouses for Innovative Agriculture

Recently, vegetable demand in Vietnam has diversified as more produce is being processed, frozen, and exported. Vegetable production must be increased and quality adjusted to meet various demands. On the other hand, labor productivity in vegetable production in Vietnam is not high because many workers are from local ethnic groups in remote areas. Some have worked for a long time because of stable salaries, with good benefits and allowances. Therefore, cutting labor costs is an important issue.

To meet such requirements, precise vegetable production control is needed. The APO initiated a demonstration farm project on Improvement of Productivity in Greenhouse Vegetable Production in October 2022. This project is a collaboration with the Vietnam National Productivity Institute, Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality of Lam Dong Province, Lam Dong Crop Production and Plant Protection Sub-department, and Garden Mountain Joint Stock Company. This entire project is scheduled to be completed in August 2024.

As part of the project, this study mission is being conducted for the beneficiaries to understand the mechanisms of control and microclimate data collection and analysis by referring to selected farms and plant factories in Japan. It is important to learn about and observe best practices before installing microclimate control systems. This project is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan under a special grant to demonstrate microclimate control systems used by Japanese greenhouses.

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Date 08 February 2023 -
10 February 2023
Organizer APO Secretariat
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