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The Art of Digitalization: A Dive into e-Estonia

This P-Talk explores Estonia’s remarkable journey to becoming a global digital governance leader, known as e-Estonia. The discussion traces key milestones from the restoration of independence in 1991 to the strategic initiatives that built a tech-forward infrastructure. The session underscores the development of Estonia’s digital education system, featuring innovative platforms such as Clanbeat and eKool. It also highlights pioneering digital government initiatives like X-Road, e-residency, and the integration of blockchain technology. Additionally, it emphasizes Estonia’s focus on facilitating ease of doing business, nurturing a dynamic startup ecosystem, and advancing digital healthcare systems. The importance of public–private partnerships, visionary digital leadership, and embrace of innovation are highlighted. Join us for an exploration of how Estonia’s strategic foresight and continuous innovation positioned it at the forefront of global digital governance.

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Date 25 June 2024
APO Secretariat
Organizer APO Secretariat
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