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Training Course on Advanced Internet of Things Applications for Smart Manufacturing

Application of the IoT has become a foundation for businesses to enhance productivity and adopt smart manufacturing. The IoT has proven highly effective in reducing downtime, monitoring quality, improving energy efficiency, enabling predictive maintenance, and better understanding customers’ needs.

The Asia-Pacific region has adopted the IoT progressively. A Microsoft survey in 2021 reported that businesses in the Asia-Pacific had a higher ratio than the global average of investment in learning about, piloting, and purchasing IoT technologies, which helps them gain higher productivity, more optimized operations, and greater opportunities for innovation. WEF analysis in 2021 also showed that adoption of the IoT was accelerated as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both SMEs and larger businesses leveraged the IoT to ensure real-time monitoring and adjustment of production, remote control and maintenance, and overall agility and flexibility for business continuity.

The IoT has much more to offer to manufacturers through its complementarities and integration with related digital technologies, such as data analytics, edge and cloud computing, AI, and information security. This training course will impart advanced knowledge of IoT applications by providing interactive practice and enhance understanding of the synergies it can create when integrated with other technologies.

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Date 05 July 2022 -
08 July 2022
Republic of China
Organizer China Productivity Center and APO Secretariat
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