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Training Course on Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing Industries

Industry 4.0 and digitalization are transforming manufacturing through new technologies and business models, enhancing productivity and value propositions. Smart manufacturing involves integrating advanced technologies and data analytics to optimize production.

However, challenges arise in transitioning to Industry 4.0, especially for SMEs. The APO’s 2021 Digital Innovation Process Guide Handbook for Manufacturing SMEs stated that a lack of understanding by management and employees of digitalization was one of the main challenges. It suggested that SMEs collaborate with experienced specialists to facilitate skill development and change organizational culture to embrace horizontal, agile management.

The APO, recognizing the need for more skilled professionals and expertise in this area, is focusing on capacity building for productivity specialists who will be able to provide advice to the industry on digitalization and the integration of advanced technology.

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Date 26 February 2024 -
29 February 2024
Organizer Ministry of Industry and Technology, Turkiye and APO Secretariat
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